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Bumo – a blockchain ecosystem with Greg Boutin

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Bumo is a blockchain ecosystem that aims to solve integration and blockchain use for corporations. Find out how they plan to do this with Greg Boutin from Bumo. When it comes to blockchain integration and “real world applications” many companies, brands and people look at the fact that there isn’t a “killer app out there […]

Yesbit – Online Derivatives Gaming Platform

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Yesbit is a blockchain based online derivatives gaming platform. If you’re interested in using your Bitcoin or Ethereum to speculate on the real world derivatives markets – Yesbit is the place to be. They allow you to use your Bitcoin or Ethereum to speculate on derivatives trading in the real world. You decide if you […]

Panel Discussion with IBM, Aion, and Digital Bits – How Blockchain Tackles the Future

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This is a blockchain technology panel discussion with leaders and founders from Kessem from Aion, Al from Digital Bits, and Catherine from IBM. Aion – is one of the top 50 coins on Coin Market Cap, and has built their own blockchain technology Digital Bits – is looking to leverage the blockchain for loyalty rewards […]

Metalyfe – Blockchain Browser and Data Protection

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What happens when your data becomes the most valuable asset you own – but also becomes the resource that companies constantly exploit – for free? You get a position where you realize “wait a minute, maybe it’s better for me to own and protect my data, rather than give it away for free”. Unless you’ve […]

Love Only ICO – Blockchain and the Diamond Industry

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It’s an industry that we’ve heard about, and that have become popularized via movies like “Blood Diamond”. And while the diamond industry is a thriving industry, heavily associated with a clever marketing campaign about a “diamond being forever” – the industry lacks transparency. Transparency that the blockchain may be able to deliver. For example – […]

Pinmo – Quick Chat, Advertising Direct to Consumers

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The rise of social. The importance of the attention economy. The rise of ad-blockers, often built into the very browsers you use. Blockchain of course – aims to change all of this. User data is at the heart of many conversations right now. Facebook as an example, knows that your user data is very very […]

FA Enterprises – With Fast Access Blockchain

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This is a quick chat with the CEO from FA Enterprises. FA Enterprises is working on the Fast Access Blockchain. They’re taking their own spin on the blockchain scalability problem – a challenge that many new (and old) blockchains are doing. Ethereum is also working on this problem by the way – taking their own […]

VIS Chain – Auto Insurance via Blockchain

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Auto insurance. Claims date. Structured and non-structured data. If you’ve ever been in a car you know (or hope) that it’s insured. Most of the time we don’t think much further than that – but VIS Chain has identified a host of problems that can be solved with the blockchain. In the event of an […]

Elastos Foundation – Securing the Future of File Transfers?

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Look at the cryptocurrency industry, and you’ll find that most people want to create a decentralized future, secure internet future. Elastos wants to help do the same thing in a private and confidential way. The idea is not to just create another blockchain project, but to create a system by which anyone can send data […]

Huobi – a Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange

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If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency exchange – there are over 100 different ones in the market. Each caters to slightly different demographics, and allows different trading pairs. Be it OTC trades, P2P trades, crypto-to-crypto or fiat-to-crypto – there are enough resources out there to help you connect with the cryptocurrencies you want. Huobi is, […]











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