Who Is Cahill?

Cahill (sounds like K-hill) is an advisor, entrepreneur and author. He is the founder and CEO of Byte Media Group, a strategic marketing agency, and the CEO of Digital Vision – a hyper-focused thought leadership and PR agency providing CEO’s, Founders and cutting edge businesses with the ability to share their message with their targeted audience.

He has worked with venture and angel backed startups, leading blockchain companies, and Fortune 500 companies alike. 

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey he has systematized, de-constructed, and improved frameworks to help him with business growth, marketing, and lifestyle optimization.

He is constantly looking at how future trends will impact business and personal life, and is always seeking new ways to share this understanding.


Learn How To Understand & Profit From Digital Currency Today

No BS. No fluff. No technical speak. Just clarity on the essentials.

  • Understand How Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies work (without getting technical)
  • Get Expert Insight so you can get setup, understand market cycles, drivers, and know what (and why) to invest in
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes by spotting scammers, avoiding pitfalls, and securing your cryptocurrency with ease

Cahill Puil’s insights have been featured in dozens of publications from The Next Web, Hackernoon, Bitcoin Magazine, Coin Spectator and more. Working with the top blockchain companies in the world, he is a sought after strategic marketing expert, dynamic teacher, and regularly consults with enterprise clients on the impact of blockchain technology.

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  • You guys are killing it. Awesome work on the traction and exposure so far. We should have done this a long time ago.

    Josheph Weinberg, Shyft, Paycase
    Josheph Weinberg, Shyft, Paycase Founder, CEO
  • Your insight really helped us clarify our message and reshape our direction. It literally save tens of thousands of marketing dollars.

    Yashar Toopchi, Plentix
    Yashar Toopchi, Plentix Referral based blockchain Dapp
  • Outstanding work on getting us such exposure in such a short time frame

    Ron Klipstien, ZeroSum
    Ron Klipstien, ZeroSum Stock market crypto-gaming platform


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